Here we are at the long-awaited moment: the launch of our new timepiece, Officine Tecniche AQUAS! The community of enthusiasts provided the title of Dress-Diver upon our first come, the SVPER.
With AQUAS, we aimed to enhance its sportiness while preserving the vintage elegance we cherish.
We’ve worked diligently on the bracelet design, achieving a result that blends sportiness with retro style.
The case has been redesigned with functional details, such as the crown guards and a screw-down crown specially redesigned for underwater grip. Even the clasp, adorned with adjustments for quick extensions, nods to the underwater world. As for the dial, we’ve created something unique to meet vintage and modern style for a total adventure.
Are you ready for this new adventure in the world of watches?
Aquas Waiting List
Make yourself comfortable waiting to to reserve your preorder price and to include the universal strap adapter

    OFFICINE TECNICHE is an Italian indipendent watch brand since 2019.
    Our company embodies the Swiss excellence and Italian aesthetics, creating an extraordinary watch experience. Every watch, rigorously Swiss Made, represents the pinnacle of Swiss precision and craftsmanship, ensuring unbeatable quality. Italian innovation is reflected in the unique and sophisticated design of each piece, transforming the watches into true symbols of style.
    With meticulous attention to detail, our watch collection represents the fusion of Swiss tradition and Italian creativity. Each watch is the result of research and development, to ensure flawless movement and timeless design.
    High quality is our hallmark, embodied in every component. Each watch is a work of art, born from a passion for perfection and beauty. Our company is committed to offering our customers watches that are not just precision instruments but also expressions of taste and refinement.
    Our watches are much more than mere timekeepers; they are a testament to Swiss watchmaking tradition and the Italian art of design. Every detail is carefully considered, from the luminous markers on the exclusive dial to the precise movements that beat inside each watch.
    Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique watch experience, combining tradition and modernity, precision, and style. We take pride in presenting to the world our Swiss Made watches with Italian design, a tangible testament to our commitment to uncompromising quality and watchmaking excellence.

    Each OFFICINE TECNICHE collection has multiple variant based on bezel insert materials.






    Welcome to the mechanical heart of watchmaking excellence: the La Joux-Perret G100 Top Grade automatic caliber. With a long tradition of Swiss craftsmanship, La Joux-Perret embodies perfection in micromechanics. The G100 caliber, in its Top Grade version, is a sublime demonstration of precision and craftsmanship.
    This automatic movement is crafted with extraordinary care, from the refined details of blued screws and diamond-cut finishes to the elegant Côte de Genève motif on the bridges. The Top Grade certification is not only synonymous with impeccable aesthetics but also ensures extraordinary precision, with daily variations certified within approximately 7 seconds.
    Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or in search of a reliable companion, the La Joux-Perret G100 caliber is the beating soul behind every moment. A unique experience of Swiss precision for those who appreciate the best.
    This movement is entirely designed and produced by the prestigious La Joux-Perret Manufacture, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of the Watchmaking and Micromechanics Industry in Switzerland.
    “Adapt to every Context”
    Elegant or casual, sporty or vintage, feel free to move your style from free time, to official occurrences, just change the designed strap adapter.
    We developed a proud integrated bracelet to provide maximum design, so we developed a strap adapter to use your favourite leather, rubber or nato strap and enjoy any daily context.
    “The Soul of deep and wild land”
    Our watches are conceived in our homeland. The warm sea and the the shining sun blended with the green and wild Gargano’s land are the perfect gears of our inspirations.
    Any Officine Tecniche Collection name aims to celebrate a work of architecture built in the place where our Homeland started to develop in 1731.
    Any Officine Tecniche Model variant name aims to celebrate one of the places in our Homeland.